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Answers to your questions about professional keynote speaker and motivational humorist John Kinde

Will the content of John's talk be relevant to our audience?
Does John's style connect with the audience?
What is the impact of John's programs?
Are John's programs memorable?
How about John's skills as a magical entertainer?
How do audiences rate John on post-program surveys?
What about the Improv shows and workshops?
What do coaching clients say?

Will the content of John's talk be relevant to our audience?

"Our senior management team much appreciated the fact that you took time to learn about us, the business we're in, and our future direction. The fact that you were able to weave our business objectives and challenges into your presentation, while capturing the interest and attention of our employees, set the tone for a memorable meeting. You've truly mastered the art of blending a business message with a humorous touch."
Steve McDermott, President and CEO, Hill Physicians Medical Group

"Your message was on the mark and the results can already be observed! I really appreciate how you tailored and individualized your presentation for our group."
David A. Schaad, Farm Service Agency, USDA

"I appreciate your personalized approach. It was as if you knew us as a school, as a group, and as individuals. Many staff members have approached me since our inservice to offer very positive comments about your contribution to lifting morale. You were a hit."
Sandra L. Barbier, past Assistant Principal
Oxnard High School

"I stand in admiration of your skill in shaping this program around our district's particular needs. That ability, coupled with so many humorous references to administrators in our audience, made our retreat very special. Your message on change was most timely and on target."
Elizabeth Cooper, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Santa Maria-Bonita School District

"An excellent presentation...Exactly what we were looking for."
Diana L. Cartier, Conference Manager
Associated General Contractors of Alaska

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Does John's style connect with the audience?

"A roller coaster ride of emotions...never has there been as much laugher at one of our meetings."
Brian Stewart, Cessna Aircraft Company

"We would be glad to recommend you to any other association...All of our members enjoyed your so evidently came from your heart...and it got our meeting going in a great mood."
Sharon M. Burke, Executive Director
California Christmas Tree Growers Association

"Fantastic! Your entertaining program made our annual Spouse Recognition Banquet the best ever. Your humor and message were right on target and everyone had a great time. Thanks for the outstanding performance."
Malcolm R. Caldwell, Director
Family Support Center Vandenberg AFB

"Your speech was exactly as I had hoped it would be. I was thrilled when the hush fell over the crowd, they started to laugh and I knew at that moment that you had hooked them. The entire program was a huge success. Thank you again for making our luncheon the best ever!!!"
Wendi Sahlberg, Luncheon Coordinator
San Jose Board of Realtors

"John, you were a huge hit! The post-conference survey results on your keynote presentation were spectacular."
Perry Hayes, Director of Curriculum
Sierra Sands Unified School District

"Your keynote address at our organization's annual dinner...was fantastically entertaining and enlightening."
Michael X. Dean, President
National Management Association, Santa Barbara Chapter

"I traveled cross-country to attend this convention. Your program, by itself, was worth the trip!"
Deborah Tatro, Community Relations Director
American Lung Association of New Hampshire

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What is the impact of John's programs?

"Return on investment comes in the form of John Kinde...credible, topical, useful, uplifting, humorous and unique!"
Diane Kistler, ITT Federal Services Corporation

"A great program that charged our batteries."
Nan Shapiro California Business Education Association

"You were the most rewarding speaker we have had in the district in years...comments of the staff evaluations are attached [excellent, best speaker so far, get him again, great job]."
Lee Davis, past School Improvement Coordinator
Santa Maria High School

"Outstanding presentation. Your spontaneous humor left the participants with a sense of well being."
Richard Ferriera, PhD, Superintendent, Hickman Elementary School District

"Your presentation at the conference was a great boost. The participants acquired a renewed energy."
Helen Mehrkens, Seward Alaska Wellness Conference

"An enjoyable mix of humor and positive message...provided the balance we were seeking."
Michael J. Costello, Jr., Chief Executive Officer
Santa Teresita Hospital

"An informative, uplifting experience. The program had everything-great humor, inspirational material, lots of tips for making the ordinary...extraordinary!!"
Pamela Nunez, First American Title Insurance Corporation

"Thought provoking, concise, entertaining, and uplifting. Should be mandatory for anyone conducting outside sales."
Dave Rudder, XEROX Corporation

"Great workshop! 100% improvement in the first hour."
George Mahoney, Pinnacle Financial Management

"Thank you for presenting the closing session...your presentation was fantastic."
Richard Markuson, Director of Education
California Association for Health Services at Home

"Your presentation as our keynote speaker started our conference off on a high note."
George Broderson, Director
Napa County Management Information Services

"Great presentation. We gave you one of the hardest time slots (immediately after lunch) and you came through in spades. You presented useful and meaningful information in a very entertaining way that was very well received."
Gary M. Baker, Director
Health Eligibility Center, Veterans Administration

"Your combined message of humor, magic, and life philosophy was not only thoroughly entertaining but also insightful and thought provoking. As only one of many speakers our group has experienced, you will rank as one of the best we have seen. I would highly recommend you to any group looking for that special program."
Walter B. Burnett, President
Lockheed Management Association

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Are John's programs memorable?

"The perfect kick-off...Your program was just what we needed to set the tone for the remainder of the conference. The time you took to understand our organization and current situation was evident in the relevant nature of your material. The real telling point to me was this week (one month later) I still heard attendees talking about your presentation."
Robert K. Banks, Sr. Vice President, Real Estate
Albertsons, Inc.

"The approach and outcome were exactly what we were trying to achieve. Our staff members are still talking about how uplifting and positive the orientation was this year_The Best Ever!"
Dr. Thomas Henry, past Associate Superintendent
Kern County Schools

"Thanks so much for ending our corporate retreat on a high note! The week after the retreat, staff members were still repeating some of your lines."
Angela Pernatozzi, Executive Director, Classroom on Wheels

"You were the perfect keynote speaker...Your message came through loud and clear...left everyone with just the right attitude for the rest of the conference...People were still talking about your presentation two days later at our banquet."
Bob Norton, past Staff Vice President, Pacific South National Management Association

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How about John's skills as a magical entertainer?

"Your show was the highlight of the evening. People are still talking about were fantastic. I would love to see you perform again and again."
Normann Bewick
Mission Industries

"Kinde, a tall willowy comedian, won the audience hands down."
The Montgomery Advertiser-Journal

"Everyone has given you rave reviews! Thank you for making my last dinner meeting as President such a success."
Gail Talbott, past Chapter President
National Management Association

"Enjoyed both your talented magical skills as well as your wonderful sense of humor. You provided the perfect comic relief."
Barbara J. Kessel, Assistant Administrator
Valley Community Hospital

"John Kinde, comedian, speaker, magician extraordinaire..."
The Lompoc Record

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How do audiences rate John on post-program surveys?

Hilton Hotels Southern California Sales Seminar
Audience rating 9.8 (scale of 1-10).
"Outstanding program...we didn't want you to stop talking!"

Vandenberg Federal Credit Union Educational Conference
Audience rating 4.9 (scale of 1-5)
"Excellent speaker, very motivating. Very funny, but at the same time his point gets across to everyone."

Ventura Unified Schools Classified Staff Development
Audience rating 3.8 (scale of 1-4)
"Just what the doctor ordered! A remarkable way of putting things into perspective. What a wonderful way to start the day. A great boost in attitude."

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What about the Improv shows and workshops?

"The Las Vegas Improvisation Players are an amazing group of creative talent. I am always guaranteed to laugh out loud. Refreshing and clean fun!"
Damencele Gradyan

"Very clever, fast-thinking actors. Enjoyed this first-time experience, especially picking ourselves up from rolling on the floor with laughter."
Larry and Linda Lee

"If you've never seen improv - you don't know what you're missing. I laughed, I cried."
Susan Boswell

"We really lucked out meeting John Kinde, a great instructor who is very dedicated to the troupe and is always inspiring us all to improve. The atmosphere at the workshops is easy-going and fun. They say that laughter is the best medicine, and we make sure we get our weekly dose."
Kristie, Carla and Tom Chiron

"This incredible physical and mental exercise has helped me learn how to loosen up and this is a lesson that I've been able to apply to many other areas in my life."
Raul Martinez

"The workshops offer the opportunity to play with a diverse group of people. Performing in front of an audience is the sweet reward."
Charmin Dahl

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What do coaching clients say?

"Even presentation skills coaches need a coach. That's why I hired you to review and evaluate some of my speeches via videotape earlier this year. I was impressed with your keen eye and attention to detail. There is a vast improvement in my presentations."
Len Lipton, Presentation By Design, Los Angeles CA

"When I called you, I thought I was calling to get advice on adding humor to the story. The humor was right on target, and helped get lots of good laughs, but you gave me so much more. The other, non-humor related suggestions about content, showed that you are a good writer who has an eye and an ear on how to make structural and thematic improvements to a story. "
Terry Wall, TG Wall Management Consulting, Washington Township, NJ

"A great investment. John Kinde is a Rock Star. We attended a humor conference together where John was called out of the audience by surprise to do three minutes of humor cold. After three minutes they pushed him to go on and on. He killed them. It was one of those magical times. John has an interesting way of looking at humor. Hes almost a scientist. He is funny. He knows how to break down the humor process. And he understands the speaking business. He is amazing. "
Brad Montgomery, CSP, CPAE
NSA Member

Let's look at some popular programs which might be a perfect fit for your event.

Maybe it's time to explore setting up a program for your group and look at some simple answers on how we get started working together.

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